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Latest information on international earthquake assistance can be accessed by clicking on the following hyperlinks:

1. Earthquake-related Pledges and Commitments by Funding Source

2. Earthquake-related Commitments and Disbursements by Sector

3. Earthquake-related Commitments, Disbursements and Expenditures by Geographic Location

4. Earthquake-related Pledges, Commitments and Disbursements by Funding Source

The respective reports are instantly generated through the Development Assistance Database (DAD) Pakistan and reflect the latest information captured in this aid information management system. The Development Assistance Database is an online database system that provides access to real-time information on project financing, implementation and progress towards results. This information is accessible to all under: The Government of Pakistan has established this aid information management system in order to foster the efficient, accountable and transparent use of foreign development assistance. DAD is accessible to government, partners, local communities and national media.

While the system is managed and maintained by the Government of Pakistan, its development partners are the custodians of the data.

DAD allows quick generation of various reports, charts and maps displaying project-level information on foreign assistance by donor, sector and/or location at different levels of aggregation. Thereby, DAD Pakistan contributes to:

§ Aid Coordination: by showing who is doing what and where – projects by sector, location and partner – it facilitates decisions on aid allocations;

§ Transparancy: by tracking funding flows from the initial source of funds over the implementing agency to the executing agency;

§ Planning: by supporting comparison between demand and supply, it facilitates the analysis of gaps and needs, i.e. the extent to which support matches the priority needs identified by the Government;

§ Operations Management: by showing bottlenecks (e.g. low expenditure ratio) and factors causing delay;

§ Results monitoring: by tracking of financial resources (pledges, commitments, disbursements and expenditures) and of results, i.e. actual progress against indicators.

More information, training, secure usernames and passwords and general support can be obtained by:

E-mail to:

Phone: +92 (0) 51 920 60 46
Viewing the data and generating various reports is possible without username and password.
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