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ERRA Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Wing monitors the implementation and results of the reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts. It captures relevant challenges and their progresses at various stages, along with the sectoral evaluation, and assistance to bridge the compliance gaps. The M&E Wing primarily focuses on the project and programme monitoring, data collection, and compilation, as well as the evaluation of the accumulated data to identify the challenges occurring in each sector.

The ERRA M&E System follows a harmonised and interrelated (internal and external) mechanism of institutional transparency and accountability. This mechanism is structured around the principles of international validation, regular monitoring and data collection, programmme and financial audits, project reviews and external evaluation of the same through donors and other independent reviews.

The M&E Wing designs and implements the central M&E system, through the devised Earthquake Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (EMEF), jointly developed and approved by the ERRA Monitoring and Evaluation Advisory Committee (MEAC). The EMEF provides a harmonised approach to assess the reconstruction efforts of ERRA specific sectors. It draws upon lessons learnt from the reconstruction process following previous humanitarian disasters and on successful M&E programmes implemented in varying contexts. Following the ‘programme logic model’, monitoring is conducted for inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts of ERRA specific interventions.

The regular monitoring is applied in quantifying the quality of the programmes, assessment of the progress, identification of goals and achievements along with the challenges being faced. Field based Construction Monitoring Teams (CMTs) conduct Technical Monitoring at the input and output levels, which provides for the appropriateness, relevance, quality and compliance-related elements. Field based Social Survey Teams (SSTs) carry out the Social Monitoring presenting the outcomes and social impacts. The social monitoring reports inform the management regarding effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of ERRA specific services. Combined results of completed facilities/ extension of services and changes in peoples’ lives are covered at the impact level.

Approaches, processes, tools and products devised and delivered by the M&E Wing support the ERRA management to make timely decisions related to compliance and mid course correction, and form the basis for lessons learned and knowledge management .

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