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The CBDRM component focuses to introduce a culture of safety through establishing a local based response mechanism by involving government line departments and participation of the community as a stakeholders. The CBDRM component of the programme aims to;

• Improve disaster preparedness at the community level and in the relevant government departments as well as NGOs and other key stakeholders through distilling best practices and strengthening information dissemination.
• Strengthen community based disaster risk reduction in a gendered approach. This will result in enhanced community participation through community sensitization, mobilization and organization.
• As such, the programme supports safe lives and livelihood of local communities and contributes to the reduction of the negative impact of disasters in the area.

To reach this objectives the DRM programme has established community based organizations namely Union Council Disaster Management Committee (UCDMC) as a governing body and Union Council Emergency Response Team (UCERT) as a response force.

These local groups/ institutions are trained in respective fields of disaster risk management and response such as search and rescue, first aid, and fire fighting etc. The CBDRM course provides an opportunity to the participants to acquire essential skills and knowledge in community based disaster risk management and also promotes a ‘culture of safety.’ In this connection, about 2,212 members of UCDMC have been trained from 100 union councils. Out of total members, 1,712 are male and 500 are female member. Similarly, capacity of 3,967 members of UCERT representing 97 union councils has been built up to responding to natural catastrophes at union level. Out of total members 3,103 are male and 864 are female. This indicates that the capacity of overall 6,179 volunteers (male & female) in two programme districts has been enhanced to effectively response emergency/ natural disaster in future. Overall progress of UCDMC and UCERT stand 97% in both districts.

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