Global Hand Washing Day and Hygiene Week


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Global Hand Washing Day

On October 5,2009,Global Hand washing day was celebrated by all WAQIPH Implementing  Partners in EQAAs of NWFP and AJK. In this connection in recognition of this day, Church World Service (CWS – P/A,) Society for Sustainable Development (SSD), Women Welfare Organization Poonch and Children First (WWOP/CF),OXFAM, Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED), Himalayan Rural Support Program (HRSP), SarHad Rural Support Program (SRSP) and SSD Abbottabad in collaboration with local NGOs, DRUs, Education and Health departments celebrated the day through different activities with focused community of district AJ&K.

The Global Hand-washing Day remained focus of hygiene week from 8 – 22 October 2009. In the events large number of community members showed enthusiastic participation (including men, women and children) in the areas. Whereas school students and teachers showed excitement in the activities in78 different schools of NWFP and AJ&K.

Using different materials of information education and communication, the community and the school students participated in different activities to emphasize on hand-washing with soap including walks, role plays & tableau, hand-washing demonstration, hygiene sessions, speeches & messages from religious scholar and school teachers, drawing competition, quiz competitions etc

The activity of hygiene-week was part of Water Quality Improvement and Promotion of Hygiene project (WAQIPH-Project) supported by ERRA in collaboration with UNICEF.

Another event on Hygiene promotion took place in district Hattiyan,AJK,organized by WWOP/CF. Among school children, occasion was attended by people from different walk of life. During speeches, participants emphasized on
maintaining habit of Washing hands with soap. This event was organized in collaboration with Government Boys Middle School, Hattian Bala and GBPS Khun Bandway. Deputy Commissioner, district Hattiyan was the Chief guest of the Occasion. 13 school participated in the debate competition subject titled; Promotion of Hygiene, 450 participants from 13 schools, teachers, civil society organization, and line departments participated in the said events.

Mr. Shoukat Ali Khan, Principle, Government Inter College, Hattian delivered speech on Hygiene Promotion• Gifts presented to all children participated in the debate competition prizes were given to position holder of debate competition by Deputy Commissioner, Raja Shafiq Ahmed Kayani, District Hattian

The guiding vision of Global Hand-washing Day is to nurture a local and global culture of hand washing with soap. We are aware that people wash their hands with water as regular practice but very few of them use soap. The idea behind celebrating this day is to realize the importance of hand washing among the general public, especially among children. The project further complemented its existing hygiene promotion activities and provided support in raising awareness on the importance of hand washing with soap for preventable diseases e.g. diarrhea.
















Hygiene Promotion Week

Hygiene Promotion Debates and Walks were organized by all WAQIPH Implementing partners in NWFP and AJK. 30 schools and three colleges participated in the walks.the chief objective of this activity was to create sense of aware ness and consciousness towards using safe drinking water and Hygiene promotion. In this connection, through joint collaboration by SSD,WWOP/CF, a Hygiene promotion walk took place in Muzaffarabad. This event was participated by Department of LG&RD,TMA,PHED, Health department, Education department in Muzaffarabad. Speeches were delivered on importance of Water quality and Hygiene Promotion by the speakers.




Training Sessions on Hygiene Promotion

Training Sessions on Water quality Improvement and House hold level Water treatment were imparted to the communities through implementing partners. The activity has been carrying out in 31 Union Councils of EQAAs of NWFP and AJK. Trainees were up dated on House hold level water treatment options and village level Hygiene improvement. Similarly, health and hygiene sessions in 93 sessions in Communities and schools have been organized by all Implementing partners.















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