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Scope of Work

  Sanitary Inspection Survey of about 3500 water sources is to be carried out (which includes water quality testing, GPS

   coordinates, site plans, pictures and BOQs of civil works for source improvement, if required).
  Hygiene Promotion, Training on O & M and house hold level water treatment is to be carried out in 1700 villages
  About 3500 masons are to be trained on installing of Rain Water Harvesting systems on roof tops
  12000 community volunteers to be trained for water supply management (O&M, Financial, WQ testing )

Estimated Cost

  Total estimated cost is US$ 5,642,300. (44%) from the RNE, (9%) from UNICEF and rest (47%) to be borne by

   ERRA (already part of strategy).

Updated Status

  UNICEF was requested to float RFPs from reputed Agencies / Organizations / NGOs / INGOs for Sanitary Inspection

    survey and Hygiene promotion components. RFPs received and evaluated.
  Work awarded to 3-qualified Contractors for Sanitary Inspection Survey of 1600 schemes. More than 600 water

    supply schemes have been surveyed so far. Regular review sessions are being held with active participation of  

    implementing partners and line agencies. The activity is targeted to be completed by 31 August 2009.
  Work awarded to 6 implementing partners for Hygiene promotion component. The work will be started by mid July

    2009. A joint orientation session with all partners is planned to be held at ERRA on 15th July 2009.
  Two Orientation Workshops have been held at NWFP and AJK for concerned staff of Line Agencies / SERRA /

    PERRA / DRUs.
  As per plan all activities are to be completed by June 2010 


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