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With total 5723 educational institutions to be reconstructed, 1425 are under construction. Along with introducing alternate fast technologies for reconstruction, ERRA is encouraging reputed construction companies including FWO and NLC to bid for large packages of schools on a design-build basis in far flung and security sensitive areas. The educational institutes, specially the universities are provided with modern state-of-the-art equipment, libraries and laboratories. The standard of seismically safe educational buildings along with modern day facilities is likely to attract high enrollment and improve the standard of education in earthquake affected areas.


 Policy Brief 

 Checklist for Design Evaluation 

 Standard Specification of School Furniture (Last Updated: Feb 15,2012)

 Education Database Proforma 


 List of Teachers Trained by ISCOS 

 Progress Pictorial View

 Complete Strategy 

 Composition and TORs of Education Core Group 


Sector Updates

[Last updated: 01 Sep 2020


 Stages  Upto Dec 19 % %
 Completed 3451 60.31 3502 61.22
 Under Construction 1021 17.84 968 19.92
Yet To Be Started 1250 21.85 1251 21.86
 Total 5722 100 5722 100

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