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Executive Wing, the Secretariat of the Deputy Chairman ERRA, is managed by the Chief of Staff (COS). Since its creation, ERRA has passed through certain organisational changes with a view to enhancing its overall efficiency, output and functioning. Executive Wing consists of different offices, which operate under the overall direction and guidance of the COS. Rural Housing, Internal Audit, Coordination Cell, Special Project Cell (SPC) and Medical Rehabilitation of Person with Disabilities in the Earthquake Affected Areas (MRDEA) directly report to the COS.


Brig Naik Naam Muhammad Baig
Chief of Staff (COS)


i. Knowledge Management Cell (KMC).
ii. Media Cell
iii.Manamgement Information System (MIS)
iv. Internal Audit Cell
v. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)



KMC, headed by an Advisor, manages knowledge by systematic processing and documenting information, experiences, lessons learnt and events as a part of historical evidence. This Cell also directly works under the Deputy Chairman. It identifies and highlights accomplishments and challenges faced by ERRA, and the perceptions of stakeholders. It disseminates knowledge by developing a range of products for diverse audiences in the form of Monthly News Bulletin, Quarterly Newsletter, Annual Review, and preparing Sectoral Case Studies. KMC also initiates linkages with research and educational organisations/institutions both at national and at international level, and ensures knowledge sharing and dissemination with partner organisations using electronic database and ERRA Website as a knowledge portal.



Media Cell, headed by an Advisor, was created to project the achievements of ERRA, and to handle the press issues on daily basis. The main responsibilities of the Media Cell, which works directly under the Deputy Chairman and also has a direct linkage with the Chairman, are publicity and projection of ERRA's performance, monitoring of print and electronic media in the form of press conferences, interviews of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, other officials, and the visits of media in field.


The Cell is responsible to cater for communication needs of the Authority.


Internal Audit Cell has been created with the objective to examine and evaluate whether ERRA's framework of risk management, control and governance processes is adequate and functioning properly. It is also mandated to ensure financial and operational transparency, to safeguard assets, and to ensure compliance to rules and regulations. The Cell is responsible for maintaining all records and information of ERRA offices, preparing and issuing periodical audit reports to the management, assisting the external auditors to perform their duties in a manner that facilitates independent, impartial and effective professional judgments and recommendations as well as internal audit of ERRA on a regular basis.



Being one of the cross cutting themes Disaster Risk Reduction Program of ERRA aims at making earthquake affected communities relatively safer from future hazard events in the area by developing their skills, response and institutional capacities. The important components of the program include, district hazard indication maps, mainstream disaster risk reduction, enhancing response capacity of communities at district and union council level.


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