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Water & Sanitation is the 2nd largest sector of ERRA in terms of number of projects. The sector includes multifaceted activities worth $61 million including the reconstruction and rehabilitation of 4001 Water Supply Schemes (WSS), 623 sanitation projects, 100 offices/residential buildings for Government Line Agencies; provision of Solid Waste Management (SWM) support to 23 towns in the earthquake affected areas; capacity building of concerned Line Agencies; and behavioral change through promotion of hygiene. So far, over 95% of the physical work has been completed; whereas remaining ongoing works are at advanced stages of completion.

To address water quality and hygiene issues a comprehensive project for “Water Quality Improvement & Promotion of Hygiene (WAQIPH)” has been implemented in collaboration with UNICEF and Royal Netherlands Embassy (RNE) of Pakistan. Eight water quality laboratories have been established with the assistance of WHO where as UNICEF has provided nine mini labs to AJ&K.

Promotion of Rain Water Harvesting in EQAA’s:
The Devastating Earthquake of Asia on 8th October 2005 caused severe damages to over 4000 existing water supply schemes in the Earth Quake Affected Areas (EQAAs) of Pakistan. Government of Pakistan established Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) to take up the gigantic task of Reconstruction and Rehabilitation work in 12 different sectors, including Water & Sanitation.

For addressing the Water Scarcity and Management issues in line with future requirements of the “Climate Change Adaptation” and to provide Sustainable, Affordable, Alternative and Supplementary Solution in a most Decentralized manner; ERRA, in addition to rehabilitation and reconstruction of damaged water supply schemes, has launched a $ 6.2 million project, to promote “Rain WATER HARVESTING” in the EQAAs.

This project is the 1st ever and biggest ever initiative of its nature in the public sector of Pakistan. Over 40,000 (Forty thousand) Private houses in addition to more than 450 public and community buildings (including schools and mosques etc) would get the Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting Systems under this project which will directly benefit a population of more than 280,000. The spread of this pilot project is over 30,000 Sq Km mountainous area; where, average annual rain fall is over 1500mm. Demonstration of RWH under this project is expected to benefit more than 2.5 million population of the area for which otherwise, provision of piped water supply is becoming major challenge day by day


 WatSan Strategy  
 Concept Paper on Promotion of Rain Water Harvesting in EQAA
 Case Study on WatSan 
 Progress Pictorial View

 Water Quality Improvement & Promotion of Hygiene (WAQIPH) Project

 Donors & Sponsors

 Consultative Workshop on water quality management and improvement 

 Global Hand Washing Day and Hygiene Week

 Events & Activities 


Promotion of Rain Water Harvesting (PRWH) - Project

 Promotion of the "Promotion of Rain Water Harvesting" (PRWH) Brochure   

 Promotion of Rain Water Harvesting Billboards

 Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and Jingle (radio campaign for FM 99.4 & FM 105 Channels)       






2082 damaged water supply schemes pledged by Implementing Partners 

October 2005 Earthquake damaged water supply schemes in the affected areas of AJ&K and NWFP. For details of schemes pledged by implementing partners. Click Here


Sector Updates

[Last updated July 2022

 Status  Upto Feb 2022 % %
 Completed 4587 96.69 4587 96.69
 Under Construction 128 2.70 128 2.70
 Yet To Be Started 29 0.61 29 0.61
 Total 4744 100.00 4744 100

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