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The primary tasks of Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority are to plan, coordinate, monitor and regulate rehabilitation and reconstruction activities in earthquake affected areas. ERRA encourages self-reliance via Private Public Partnership (PPP) and community participation ensuring promotion of economic opportunities.

Contractors Facilitation Centre (CFC) is one of many arrangements within the organization to carry out its efforts. The functions of CFC are to streamline, and enhance ERRA’s functioning and performance, providing guidance and assistance to contractors. The following information is being provided at CFC headquarter and district offices, ERRA website and emails against the projects to facilitate the contractors:

1. “Ready for Tendering” which are ready to be advertised.
2. “In Tendering Process” which have been advertised and could be applied.
3. Locations, mode of accessibility, eligibility criteria etc.
4. Sample bidding documents.
5. Guidance to register with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).
6. Time to time queries made by visiting contractors.

Similarly, following are the major issues being resolved by CFC with the contractors already working with ERRA:
1. Handing over of project sites.
2. Delayed payments
3. Contract agreements and variation of clauses.
4. Extensions in time lines.
5. Drawings/Design issues with consultant.
6. Non-scheduled items and rates.
7. Site clearance.


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