SZABIST - Diploma in Disaster Risk Management (In Collaboration with ERRA)



Water Quality Improvement in the Earthquake Affected Areas

On 27th May 2010 ERRA in collaboration with UNICEF held a round table conference in Bhurban to discuss permanent water quality improvement in the earthquake affected areas of AJ&K and KPK. Secretaries, chief engineers, experts at the federal level and representatives of concerning departments participated in the conference.

The conference, chaired by Deputy Chairman ERRA, was steered to shape and fine tune a comprehensive project developed specifically to sustain interventions related to water quality improvement in at least two affected areas for the coming three years.

In his speech, the Deputy Chairman said that ERRA has prepared stringent dimensions for achieving and maintaining water quality standards in the affected districts of AJ&K and KPK. He added that these dimensions stem from ERRA’s philosophy to “Build Back Better” and should therefore be adopted across Pakistan. In the first phase laboratories were established for testing water quality in the affected districts. The results of this investigation have strengthened the need to complete WAQIPH; a project developed by WatSan to create awareness among masses and policy makers. Participants also agreed that the Governments of AJ&K and KPK should work to guarantee the masses safe drinking water. Such interventions and peripheral efforts will help reduce the incidence of water borne diseases, reduce healthcare expenditures and contribute to the well being and economic prosperity of the common man.

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